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I’ve been sitting here in front of my computer screen for hours, typing and erasing everything I’ve written about myself. I am just not very good at talking about myself, I am however, good at making lists. So here is a list of facts about me.


1. I love making lists, about anything. Especially color coded to-do          lists with boxes I can check off. 

2. I am a ski junkie.

3. I am most comfortable behind a camera.

4. I spend a lot of time outside doing things.

5. Every day for over a decade I've worn one thing, ask me what!

6. If you are what you eat, I am 100% soup dumplings.

7. I devour books, I mean absolutely inhale them.

8. I love fly fishing and my Jet Boil is my #1 must have accessory.

9. Right now my favorite color is #FFDB58.

10. I am an ENFJ personality type according to the Myers & Briggs 16 personalities test. 

11. I am a Type Five according to The Enneagram Institute personality test.

10. Oh, I have a Bernese Mountain Dog named Oxley and I will show        you pictures. 

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